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COP (Career Opportunity Program)

Sponsoring Program: State Park Police

The State Park Police Career Opportunity Program (COP) volunteer program will provide an opportunity for approved individuals with a demonstrated or sincere interest in conservation law enforcement to gain career or operational knowledge of the State Park Police occupation.

Below are the rider rules for this program. By signing up for this opportunity, you signify that you have read the rules and agree to follow them during your time with this program.

Dress Code for Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Observers
1. TPWD observers are to dress neatly and conservatively. No Blue jeans of any kind.
2. Cleanliness is required at all times.
3. Hair and facial hair must be well groomed.
4. Shorts and cut-offs are prohibited.
5. Clothing bearing any sign or symbol that advertises any product, business or organization will not be permitted.
6. Clothing with offensive designs, logos, letters or devices is prohibited.
7. Conservative type shoes or boots may be worn; sandals and bare feet are prohibited.

Prohibited Acts
1. Will not consume alcoholic beverages prior to and during tours of duty.
2. Will not use profane or abusive language during the tour of duty.
3. Will not engage in excessive conversation, which may distract the Officer or interfere with hearing the police radio.
4. Will not make remarks or voice opinions to complainants, witnesses, victims, violators, or suspects in any manner, which would tend to provoke or degrade anyone or escalate tension.
5. Will not be allowed into a private residence during the execution of a search or arrest warrant.
6. Will not make known to any unauthorized person, information that may compromise a police operation, procedure or investigation that is either in progress or proposed.
7. Will not make known to unauthorized persons the identity of persons arrested, persons being confined in jail, or suspects in a criminal act.
8. Will not use information learned during a tour of duty for personal gain.
9. Will not carry weapons of any type. Observers possessing a license to carry a weapon will NOT be allowed to carry a weapon during a tour of duty.
10. Non-sworn observers do not have any powers of an Officer and have no authority except when acting at the direction of an Officer.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Observers Will:
1. At all times conduct themselves with proper decorum.
2. Remain in the police unit during routine traffic stops unless otherwise instructed by the Officer.
3. Remain in or near the TPWD patrol unit during disturbance calls and calls of a serious nature to summon assistance by radio if needed, unless otherwise instructed by an Officer.

If you would like to be notified when an opportunity is available, please sign up.

Region: Panhandle Plains, Prairies and Lakes, Pineywoods, Gulf Coast, South Texas Plains, Hill Country, Big Bend Country


Minimum Age: 18

State Park Police

Lt. EJ Rivera

(361) 405-9039