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Sheldon Lake State Park - Invasive Species Management Volunteer

Sponsoring Program: Sheldon Lake State Park & Environmental Learning Center

Houston has a wonderful diversity of plants and animals, but they are being outcompeted by invasive species that harm the environment. Sheldon Lake State Park needs help managing our restored coastal prairie so that the many native birds, amphibians, and mammals will still have a home.

Volunteers will work with park staff to remove invasive plants like the Chinese tallow, eastern baccharis, and deep-rooted sedge using tools and other methods. You will also learn how to identify the flora and fauna of the greater Houston region.

Invasive removal will be done outside in variable conditions and will require physical exertion. All tools will be provided. If you love the outdoors and want to preserve it for years to come, visit our park and see what you can do to protect Houston's natural resources.

Criminal background check required. Volunteers age 18+ only.

Website: https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/sheldon-lake

Region: Gulf Coast

14140 Garrett Road

Houston, TX 77044

(281) 456-2800

Volunteers will work with natural resource ranger Claire Satterwhite and Texas Master Naturalist Thomas Soloman in the park's restored coastal prairie.

Minimum Age: 18

Sheldon Lake State Park & Environmental Learning Center

Kelley Parker

(281) 456-2800

Hat, water, protective clothing, and bug spray are important items to bring. Equipment provided.