Opportunity Details

Amphibian Survey

Sponsoring Program: Sheldon Lake State Park & Environmental Learning Center

Many species of amphibians call our park home, and we need your help to check the diversity and health of their populations. Between October and March, we will have a series of day and night surveys of our restored wetlands and prairies. Volunteers will spot, identify, and catalogue amphibians by their call, eggs, and sight.

Anyone interested in amphibians is encouraged to volunteer. Training will be provided on the methods and tools used prior to the survey. Survey dates are variable and subject to change depending on the conditions.

Minimum age of 18-Criminal Background Check Required

Region: Gulf Coast

14140 Garrett Road

Houston, TX 77044

(281) 456-2800

Minimum Age: 18

Sheldon Lake State Park & Environmental Learning Center

Taylor Shimabukuro

(281) 456-2800

Please bring water and protective clothing.