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Tour Guide/Presa and Upper Canyons

Sponsoring Program: Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site

Lead the scheduled Presa and/or Upper Canyons Hikes, tours that go down into Seminole Canyon, into natural rock shelters used by prehistoric to historic humans. A general knowledge of the area's natural resources such as geology, biology, and cultural resources, such as prehistoric to historic humans, archeology, railroad and local ranching.
Must be able to physically lead the following strenious tours:
Presa-all day
Upper-half day

Website: http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/findadest/parks/seminole_canyon/

Region: Hill Country, Big Bend Country

Hwy 90 West, Park Road 67

PO Box 820

Comstock, TX 78837

(432) 292-4464

This park is located on Highway 90 along the border of Mexico. The nearest city is Del Rio to the east 45 miles. Cell phone service is spotty, please call park to inquire about service.

Minimum Age: 21

Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site

Tanya Petruney

(432) 292-4464

Contact Park to confirm date and duties.