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Government Canyon State Natural Area - Resource Management Volunteer

Sponsoring Program: Government Canyon State Natural Area

Volunteers will periodically receive email notifications and details about upcoming projects and instructions for how to sign up to help. Dates and times for projects vary.

Below are a few of the recurring projects that we have throughout the year, but there are many outside of this list that occur as well:

-Spotlight Surveys (varies September-November)
-Fire Prep (August-October generally)
-Hunt Prep (October-November generally)
-Game Camera Analysis (November-January generally)
-Cowbird Trapping (March - May)
-Savannah Restoration (May-July)
-Miscellaneous Projects - Volunteer opportunities pop up throughout the year. Opportunities vary but may include vegetation surveys, arthropod monitoring, invasive species removal, habitat restoration work, public hunt assistance, maintenance, gardening, trail work, road clearing, and more.

Region: Hill Country

12861 Galm Road

San Antonio, TX 78254

(210) 688-9055

Government Canyon State Natural Area

Theresa Edwards

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